Branding Photoshoot with Executive Coach Eric Kapral


Branding Photoshoot with Executive Coach Eric Kapral

By 2 p.m. Award-winning Photographer Ashley Shoemaker and I(studio manager Awana) arrived at the Indigo Moments Photography studio in Oakland, Ca. Today was Eric’s branding shoot. Eric Kapral has an extensive business development and operations background, having served a diversity of clients and industries. His focus is small to mid-market companies. He works closely with business owners by helping them develop and realize their vision and underlying mission.

The weather was mischievous today, but we would have to wait and see. By Eric’s demeanor and the smile on his face, he was having an extra good day, and today’s shoot was going to be the icing on the cake. We made our way to Eric’s car, pulling out the variety of suits, shirts, shoes, and pants he’d brought. He was by far one of the most prepared men we’ve photographed.

We have amenities at our Oakland Studio lobby and made Eric a cup of coffee. We planned ahead of time, and he gave us ideas on what he’d like to see from today in the photos, and what he was asking for would come naturally. We made our way into the studio, and once inside, we organized which fits were a priority for today’s shoot and what we’d like to see shot with what backgrounds. He showed us a specific shirt his wife would ‘kill him’ if he didn’t get a photo, so we put that high on the list. Eric is a fun guy, brilliant, and very determined.

As we began to shoot, I made sure to switch his hair up once he gave me the heads-up on his ideas. We were already having so much fun when he arrived, and we just continued for the next hour or so as he changed suits. We used the white brick and moved over to the black backdrop. It was almost time to change locations as the sun would be set within the next hour in half. We packed everything back into Eric’s car, not even bothering to check the weather on the way. Still a bit gloomy and cloudy, but no rain in sight. From there, we went to the following location for our branding photoshoot at Joaquin Miller Park. The traffic was a bit much as children were just getting out of school. This gave us plenty of time to scope out some of our favorite areas with what nature’s atmosphere offered us.

Eric busted the move when he played music from his phone. He played all the jams, sharing fun stories of his wife and daughter with us. Around his neck, he wore two silver necklaces with their birthdates. Beautiful. The sun was beginning to set, but we had a few more shots to squeeze in. We gathered suit jackets and made our way up the stairs to capture those last few shots. I continued to shoot behind the scenes so Eric would have many memories from our Bay Area Business Photoshoot.

After closing on our last shots, we all returned to our vehicles, and Ashley and I headed to dinner.