Top Five Things to Bring to Your Newborn Photography Session

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Top Five Things to Bring to Your Newborn Photography Session

Special Blankets + Props

Most newborn babies are flooded with gifts at the hospital or before birth. Choose one or two special blankets, maybe one from grandma or the one your best friend spent months crocheting for you. Don’t forget to bring your own props if you wish. Popular items to think about are your ultrasound photos, a book, stuff animal, mermaid outfit, etc…

Outfit Changes

Bringing a non-wrinkled ironed black top for everyone in your family is recommended. A button up polo looks best for boys, a dress for little girls, and flowy loose fitting top (with leggings) works best for mom. Additionally, choose a wardrobe that is white for everyone in your family as well. Feel free to bring your iron and we can work out the wrinkles in between sets. Lastly, get colorful. Bring your favorite outfit with bright colors and accessories. For more information on wardrobe click here.


If you have little ones feel free to bring healthy snacks or a lunch box that will fill their belly but not give them a sugar high. As a result to keep the newborn baby asleep for most of the poses so we ask that our environment is calm and quiet. Banana bread is one of my favorites(no gluten or dairy). I’d be happy to bring you a loaf from a local bakery. click here to pre-order

Toys + Books + Electronics

This one is important. Your session will take 2-3 hours and if you have little ones we know how short of an attention span they have. Bring Legos, books, or a tablet for them to stay occupied.

Manicured Hands + Feet

It is important to clip your nails and get any dead skin off the bottom of your feet in case we do poses that include these body parts. This is especially relevant to dad.

We Appreciate you taking the time to read our blog. Click here to contact us for availability! We look forward to taking great care of you and your family.