Baysinger Family Portrait—Gold River, CA


Baysinger Family Portrait—Gold River, CA

Indigo Moments Photography is passionate about capturing the moments and interactions between families. It’s so important to us to capture moments in your lives that are reflections of you and your loved ones. That’s why we were so excited to meet up with the Baysingers on October 19th in Gold River for a fun family portrait shoot.

Gold River Family Session

Britt and Ina brought their 11-year-old daughter, Alexandra, as well as their 1-year-old toy poodle, Oliver, to the family session. We’re always glad to see when families bring their pets, because it shows not only how much they value their furry family members but how important photography is to them! Family portraits should include every single member of the family, after all.

As part of this session, we took an airplane shot at Cameron Park Airport to honor their love of aviation. Britt’s childhood dream was to be a pilot, and Britt and Ina met on a Southwest Airline Flight! Families that honor those legacies are some of our favorites to photograph, because those personal touches make portrait sessions fun for us, for the family and for years to come!

In addition to the nod to their love of aviation, Ina enjoys interior design. This families truly believes in finding hobbies that bring joy and fulfillment in their lives, and it really showed.

We also love seeing such doting parents. Alexandra was a gift they thought they’d never receive, and they shower her with love. That makes our job as family photographers easy, too, because genuine connections make for genuine pictures.

Thank you to Ina and Britt for bringing your beautiful family to this family portrait session. We loved learning more about you and know you will continue to take on the world in style together.

City of Gold River Family Photography

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Indigo Moments Photography makes capturing your treasured family moments a priority. As Roseville family photographers, we love capturing families in all the different times of their lives. It is our goal and our passion at Indigo Moments to create an incredible experience for every family portrait session. We encourage our clients to have fun, relax, and just be themselves. Whether you are passionate about planes and decorating, sunsets in wine country or hiking in the mountains, it is our pleasure to photograph you and your family.

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