When customers love what you stand for.

They stand
for you.




But what if—in business—your first impression
could be more than just a memory…

More than just a calling card…


What if.

Instead of just showing the world your face—
you actually showed them:


  • What your business stands for…
  • How you can improve their lives…
  • And why they should expect results from your service…??

Visual Impact.

Photographs are one of the most powerful ways to connect with almost anyone!

I think we can agree that could drastically improve response, right?

But do images on a screen really have the power to alter buying decisions?


Well, the research – and the evidence – says yes. Within seconds of glancing at your materials – online, in print, or anywhere else… the “hungry crowd” that needs your service makes a snap decision about whether or not they feel good about you. (influencing their buying behavior to an extreme degree)

That’s why we developed a 4-step Visual Branding + Marketing Program at Indigo Studios that gets your online presence moving, and keeps it moving… with a full twelve months of neurologically-branded content creation to nail your positioning, build your persona, and harness the attention of your best prospects!


All that using:




deep psychological “resonance” branding…


Imagery that goes way beyond “making you look good”…


And techniques (both visual and in the text) that are proven to boost response.

It all starts with carefully examining your business, pinpointing the key trust motivators your audience most desires… and ultimately…

Capturing the attention of the RIGHT prospects, and converting that into the right actions – buy, subscribe, sign-on, donate, share, like, etc. … you get it.

So call me when you’re ready to take that next step! Together, we’ll make sure the RIGHT kind of people show up at your doorstep… the ones who ALREADY love you and want to work with you.

Because a business is a tribe… and tribes built on resonance, and love, rarely need to worry about getting the right leads…

When customers love what you stand for… they stand for you.


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