Headshot Photo Before-And-After: It’s Like Magic!


Headshot Photo Before-And-After: It’s Like Magic!

Headshot Photo Before-And-After—It’s Like Magic!

I recently took some business headshots for a business in Moraga. Some days are cloudy, and that’s perfect weather for photography. On other days, the sun likes to play tricks like poking its head out of a cloud just as I take a photo. That’s what happened the other morning in Moraga.

When the sunlight is strong and it’s behind someone’s head, you can see every tiny flyaway hair. And sometimes I can’t prevent that from happening. With many years of experience and a deep understanding of Photoshop tools, I’m able to “blur” the flyway hairs and then take a sample of each pixel and paint over the blur. It’s like magic!

I’d greatly appreciate any comments or feedback!