5 Ways to Prep for a Perfect Family Photoshoot

Family Photoshoot  

5 Ways to Prep for a Perfect Family Photoshoot

Like most things in life, a family photoshoot is an event that runs much smoother if some planning goes into it beforehand

especially in the case of a family photo shoot. Coordinating numerous bodies takes more communication and time, and if you’ve got little ones, things can get a bit rowdy. But, fear not. There are 5 easy steps that you can do before the shoot to not only have a successful photoshoot that bears stunning images of your beautiful family but also keeps the kids engaged and cooperative (and maybe even have some fun while you do it). Let’s dig in! 

  1. Schedule hair and makeup appointments before the shoot to look your best.

When it comes to more casual photoshoots (such as family photoshoots), the idea of getting hair and makeup done may seem a little unnecessary, but in my professional opinion, it’s absolutely worth the investment. “Why,” you ask? My reason is: The whole point of professional photography is to capture and encapsulate beautiful and pristine photos. You hire a professional photographer because they will produce those results; the same thing goes for professional hair and makeup artists. They are going to primp and prime you up to look your absolute best. Which, ultimately, is the goal of your photoshoot.  

 2. Style and coordinate your wardrobes a week in advance, so on the day of, no one is stressing about what to wear. 

You read that right, ONE WHOLE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Let’s be honest, we all know how long choosing an outfit can take for just one person. So make sure to plan out everyone’s outfits in advance so you have ample time to accommodate any last-minute changes and scrapping of outfits altogether. Here are a few tips for planning what to wear:

  • Ladies, V-necks are the most flattering neckline. 
  • Opt for either all short sleeves or all long sleeves. 
  • Avoiding mixing and matching. 
  • Say no to ALL black. Say yes to layers! 
  • Definitely incorporate jewelry but nothing too loud that will steal the spotlight. 
  • No sneakers unless we’re dressing in Athletic gear as a part of the shoot. 
  • Colors are great, so bring more than one outfit if you want to play with a variety of colors.

3. Browse Pinterest to get ideas for themes, locations, and props. Get creative and customize your shoot!

Pinterest is a gold mine of ideas for your family photoshoot. Browse themes such as rustic, beach, urban, Redwoods, or studio. This will give you a comprehensive idea of what you can incorporate into your photoshoot. Premeditate what your vision is by customizing the elements of your shoot such as location, colors, props, and poses. 

4. Prep the kids for the shoot by letting them know far in advance; help them feel excited and comfortable about taking family photos. 

You know your kid better than anyone; anticipating how they might feel on the day of the shoot is a great way to help them have fun with it. Does your kid get kinda shy? Let them know far in advance that they’ll be meeting a new friend (your photographer). Essentially “hype them up” for the day, so they can feel prepared and comfortable. If your kid is full of energy, you could start practicing how to pose. Maybe make a game of “Simon Says”, where you practice posing and holding still. This will help with getting the kids engaged and cooperative.

5. Bring some yummy snacks for the kids and a spirit for you and your spouse! (Loosen up and have some fun!) 

Family shoots can take more time; we don’t want anyone getting “hangry.” Pack the kids their favorite, driest, and least messy snacks to keep them feeling fine. In addition to some treats for the kids, pack some adult treats for you and any other adults in the photoshoot. A single glass of wine or a quick shot of tequila will take the edge off and allow you to have some fun! 

Implement these 5 tricks before the day of your shoot and you’re guaranteed to have a successful and enjoyable family photoshoot!