Top 10 Spring Style Photography Sessions


Top 10 Spring Style Photography Sessions

With spring comes a wonderful new array of ways to style your photo shoot! The outdoor flowers are starting to bloom, the days are warming up, and the fresh air has turned everyone giddy in excitement for a fresh start to a new season.

Are you looking for new ideas for your next spring shoot? Below are 10 great ideas you can implement into your spring-themed photo shoot right now!


Nothing says spring like flowers! From sunflowers to calla lilies, roses, or grassy reeds, any array of flowers in your setting is going to be beautiful. Find a flower you like or one that coordinates with your look and style. You can carry a bunch of flowers, or you can have them in the background or foreground. You can sit on grasses or lie on a bed of flowers! The options are endless.

Flowering Trees

Along the same line, flowering trees are just as beautiful, you just have to be a little more creative in finding them. Orchards are blooming this month and next, and flowering trees all over neighborhoods everywhere are starting to bud. Gardens and nurseries also have flowering trees, so that’s always a great way to see what kinds of flowering trees you like! 

Flowers in Hair

If you haven’t put flowers in your hair, you’re in for a beautiful look. From rose crowns to crowns of all kinds, florists and floral arrangers make floral wreaths you can put in your hair. From grasses to any flower of your choice, it’s just a matter of finding the flower you like best–the one that tells YOUR story–and getting the perfect floral arrangement for your tresses.

Bohemian Vibe

With flowers in your hair comes a very trendy bohemian vibe. Wanting to go full bohemian with your photoshoot? Find a gauzy, semi-sheer floral dress, or skirt and blouse…the longer the better. You want long lines to create the perfect prairie/bohemian vibe. Long necklaces and bracelets, even long feathery or flowing earrings add to the look. You want a casual chic look with a hint of country. You do that by adding accessories, even a hat if you want, and long flowing dresses. Your bohemian vibe is set!

Picnic Blanket

Blankets make a bed of absolute beauty against greenery and flowers. Interested in a shoot with comfort, too? Blankets are a wonderful accent piece. Depending on your outfit, choose a blanket that coordinates with your look. Find a lighter fabric, say cotton or linen, rather than wool that speaks more to the winter vibe. Blankets can also be draped on trees, used as props, and even draped on you for that perfect look.

Gauzy Curtains

Gauzy curtains and sheets make for great backdrop accents. You can create your own tent or teepee, or drape curtains from a car to a tree for a beautiful bohemian backdrop. Curtains and sheer fabric panels can make any setting feel attractive and professional and give it that “spring clean” look.


This is another accessory that says “spring” all over it! Large, floppy hats that have wide brims (and maybe even ribbons running down the back) are dreamy and also very bohemian. A hat gives a casual tone, but one that is elegant and chic. Pick a color and fabric that suits you, and add it to your wardrobe for perfect spring shots!

Bikes / Wagons

With kids or not in the shoot, bikes, wagons, and trikes are fantastic props to bring. They give a vintage feel with their worn-in appearance. The more used and rusty, the better. These props are great for kid shoots, but they are also wonderful for any shoot. Lean the bike against a tree, decorate it with flowers. Bring a wagon for kids to sit in, or bring it to put your sweet new puppy in, or even as a prop in a field with flowers!


This is another fantastic prop to add to any spring shoot. You can fill the baskets with flowers, grasses, gauzy fabrics, or even books or an item that represents you! If you love nautical things, add a bunch of glass floats to the basket. Find an item that represents you, and fill the basket full of it!

Classic Car

This may be a bit trickier to add to the shoot, but if you’re in an orchard or field of grass, or even in a wooded section with beautiful trees, an old rusty farm truck or classic car adds an element of pizazz and class. It’s elegant and rustic, and truly can take your shoot up a notch!

There are so many options for a great spring photoshoot. Search out what you want, find the outfit you want to wear, pick a few spring props, and you’ve got a beautiful spring photoshoot just waiting to happen!