7 Top Ways to Prepare for Headshots


7 Top Ways to Prepare for Headshots

Are you getting ready to have some professional headshots taken? You’re making a great decision! The right headshots will do wonders for your business. They tell your customers who you are, what you represent, and how you want to convey your business to your clients.

Below are some tips for you to not only have a successful photoshoot but to make your shoot fun and inspiring, resulting in beautiful headshots that fit perfectly with who you are.

Dress Like You’re Meeting a Client

If you’re wondering what to wear to your photo shoot, it’s a simple answer: Wear what you’d wear to meet a client. If you aren’t one to meet clients, then there are also a few other basics: Don’t wear all black and don’t wear all white. Ladies, it’s best if you wear a v-neck on top, whether it’s a blouse or top or tee. If you know how to wear a print, wear it! If you’re not sure, then go with a solid color. And feel free to wear color! The more color, the better. It adds a beautiful pop of life to each photo. 

If you’re one to wear a suit, then wear a suit in the photos. If your business attire is normally dressy casual, then keep to that wardrobe for photoshoot day. Keep your clothing relevant to your business and the photos will be authentic and honest.

Keep clear of logos and branding on your clothing pieces. You’re advertising yourself, not the clothing!

When it comes to skin tone and colors, you can easily google a color wheel chart to see what’s best for you. But basically, the fairer the skin, the more muted the tones. The darker the skin color, the more vibrant you can go!

Get Makeup and Hair Done

While this isn’t always necessary, and there are retouching tools a good photographer can use, having your hair and makeup professionally done can add that extra wow factor that truly makes your photos stand out. Even if the makeup is lightweight, or your hair is simple but nice, having a professional do it can make you–and your photos–look like a million bucks!

Stay Away From Trends

While trendy clothing can be fun, it usually is avoided for professional photographs. When you’re taking photos that represent your business, you want clothing that is classic and timeless– photos that transcend any decade. By going with solid colors and classic cuts, you’ve got a photo that looks great in any year and tells your customers you’re as classy as your wardrobe.

Bring a Prop 

Props are a fun way to add some pizzazz to your photos, but they aren’t necessary. If a prop is relevant to your company, then, by all means, bring it to the shoot. It can’t hurt to take extra photos with the prop and you’ll gain some branding photos out of it! 

Loosen Up

While this is a business photo shoot, it doesn’t have to be serious the entire time! Photo shoots should be fun. To be relaxed, keep things carefree beforehand, crack some jokes, maybe even bring a friend along to keep you jovial. Your eyes will emit true happiness and that relaxed vibe will show up in your photos. 

Eat well and hydrate 

Don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water before the shoot! Being hungry is not a way to go into a photoshoot. You don’t want to be thinking about food, or looking forward to the shoot being done just so you can eat! If you don’t have time to eat a big breakfast, bring plenty of snacks to keep you going. And drink water! Hydrated skin makes for better photos.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting sleep is paramount to getting great headshots. When you don’t get enough z’s, it will show up in your eyes, your skin, and even your attitude. Show up the best you can be and get lots of sleep. Your photos will thank you!

Getting a stellar photoshoot is possible when you plan just a little and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Wear the right clothes, make sure your makeup and hair are optimal, get plenty of water, food, sleep and bring a prop if it works! Keep things light and fun and you’ll get the perfect headshot photos — ones that represent you and your business exactly as you want.